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About www Redirect Checker

The WWW redirect checker is a simple tool that determines if non-WWW type URLs are sent to www URLs. If the URL is not changed, it is a Canonical problem that requires changing to any one format. The goal is to inform the search engine that there is only one real, SEO-friendly page using this redirection strategy and not to treat www.yourdomain.com and yourdomain.com as separate sites.

You've probably noticed that occasionally when you access a URL, a different URL appears on the page. When a page is sent to a specific link, this occurs. Tools of various sizes are necessary for digital marketing in order to reduce the difficulties of daily activities. You need to have certain professional-level abilities in order to redirect a URL.

However, if you wish to monitor the journey of that redirected link, including its original page, there are several tools online. People's search criteria are always changing, but no matter what they are attempting to discover, you always need to direct them to the correct page.

There are occasions when a website displays an error code, such as 301 or 302, indicating that no information about a certain item or service is available. In this case, you must reroute the visitors to a new page that contains some useful data.

This feature is useful not only for end-users, but also aids in directing search engine crawlers in the appropriate direction. When web crawlers scan a website, they keep an eye on the content to determine how to rank it. The bots will hint that the ranking would suffer if a certain page has an error and no data is available for crawling.

Simply input your website's URL in the field and click the submit button to see whether the 301 redirections were performed correctly. Your URL will be analyzed by the program, and it will show the results as "good" or "not good."

What is WWW Redirect Checker?

An online application called the WWW Redirect Checker allows users to monitor where affiliate links are leading and which affiliate links are really used in the redirection. Simply entering the domain name will get results that display the kind of redirect and the redirect URL. The post below will introduce you to 5 different forms of URL redirection,

Now that you are aware of what redirection is, let's look at some typical HTTP redirect kinds,

  1. 300 Multiple Choices: The customer has a variety of alternatives to choose from in this. For instance, various video formats, word meanings, or file types with various extensions.
  2. 301 Moved Permanently: All future requests for a certain URL will be sent to a pre-designated URL throughout this redirection phase.
  3. 302 Found / Moved Temporarily: It defines how URLs function in terms of the HTTP protocol used on the Internet. This redirection comes in two different forms, “302 Moved Temporarily”  and " Found".
  4. 307 Moved Temporarily: This is a kind of temporary redirection where just one request has to be made again using a different URL. The original URL is still used for all subsequent queries when viewing a link.
  5. Meta Refresh: Instead of a server-level redirection, meta refresh works at the page level. Due to the lengthy procedure and potential high bounce rate, this is the least advised redirection for SEO purposes. If you are not redirected in five seconds, go here, says a URL redirect using meta refresh. Users on the internet cannot wait that long to get their preferred page.

Why do we need a tool like WWW Redirect Checker?

  1. Guiding the crawlers: 

    Bots provided by the Google search engine often crawl websites hosted on the server. Crawlers first crawl a URL and then examine every element, including text, video links, photos, meta descriptions, and anything else. If the crawlers encounter any of the problems shown above, they won't be able to determine the goal of your website, which will have an impact on indexing.

    Links that are broken, including mistakes or lack of information, are bad for your reputation. Redirecting is the quick method of routing the crawlers. To find out where each link is being redirected online, you need a trustworthy tool. The WWW redirect checker tool performs well in this circumstance.

  2. From the standpoint of SEO: 

    As an SEO specialist, you cannot allow even one error to push your client's website down the rankings. The page ranking will be negatively impacted if you do not redirect any broken links or other page issues to a healthy link page.

    Your internet company will suffer greatly if Google's crawlers are unable to gather information on indexing. You can tell if you are using redirects to their full potential for SEO by using a WWW redirection checker application.

  3. Reduction in bounce rate: 

    The correctness of the URL redirection should also be checked since inaccuracies might send users to the wrong pages. The major causes of the rise in bounce rates are these kinds of careless errors, which are bad for any online organization.

    You may ensure correctness by using a program for verifying WWW redirects. You can determine that the suggested link won't lead people astray by following its route.

Importance of WWW Redirect Checker tool

The information above makes it evident that the WWW Redirect checker is important for digital marketing as well. You can't get the outcomes you want with only one tactic or technique. Additionally, it's essential to confirm the correctness of the adopted techniques. This tool was created specifically to determine the route taken by a redirected link.

Making sure that the redirection is made to an appropriate place that can satisfy the needs of the end-user aids the SEO professionals.

It's essential to consider a number of significant and minor factors to ensure that bots accurately crawl your website. You must be certain about the redirection of links with mistakes in addition to using tools like the robot text generator and XML files. Both users and crawlers cannot access the requested information if the page information has been changed or if there is a server problem of any type. Even when these techniques are flawlessly implemented, it still decreases the outreach of your URL.

Note: There are two major kinds of hosting servers used for websites, including Linux and Windows hosting. Windows hosting services employ web config files to reroute the pages, whereas Linux hosting servers use the .htaccess approach.

  1. Use the www htaccess generating tool and choose the non-www redirection option to enable 301 redirect. Simply input your URL without the www in the field and press the "Submit" button to have the program produce code for www 301 redirects or to choose an htaccess code from the list below.#Force all urls to www:
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^yoursite.com [NC]
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.yoursite.com/$1 [L,R=301,NC]
  2. Copy the code into a text file and save the file name as .htaccess
  3. Place the .htaccess file in the public HTML directory's top-level Root directory. Your website will always be routed to the www format when this is done.

Visit Google Webmaster 301 Redirects for further details.

How does the tool called WWW Redirect Checker operate?

A tool to check for HTTP redirects is highly useful. To browse websites, all you need is a functional internet connection and device. You may discover a huge list of these tools online if you search for them. Choose one of these, then carry out these steps.

  1. You may enter the URL in a part on the website that offers a free tool for examining WWW redirections. While some programs offer the capability to verify the URLs in bulk, some just let you inspect a single URL.
  2. Open the next tab and click the link you wish to look at.
  3. Its link should be copied and pasted into the tool's place.
  4. Fill out the captcha, click the execute instruction, and then wait a little while to see the results.
  5. You may examine the outcome in a table along with whether the URL was correctly sent or not.

Benefits of WWW Redirect Checker

  • The users benefit from knowing whether or not 301 redirections (www or non-www) are functioning effectively.
  • Instead of indexing other sites that are similar, the search engine may quickly discover authentic content to index. without duplicating the pages, a single URL format is created.
  • According to the instructions supplied by web server files such as htaccess or web config file, automatically sends to various pages.
  • It aids in determining the user-provided URL status for effective redirection.
  • SEO specialists need a WWW Redirect checker tool since they must always be aware of broken links and how to fix them right away. In the current day of fierce competition in digital marketing, faults that prevent the ability to exploit link juice or that lead the crawler astray cannot be accepted.

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