Base64 Encode

Base64 Encode: What is it?
A special tool called Base64 Encode may transform ordinary text into Base64 encoded data.
With the help of this program, you may quickly encode base64 data.
This utility enables you to load a plain data URL that transforms plain data into base64 text. Simply click the URL link, enter the URL, and hit submit.
Additionally, users have the option of uploading raw data files that have been converted to base64-encoded text.
Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari all operate nicely with Base64 Encoder Online on Windows, MAC, Linux, and Chrome.

Why is Base64 encoding necessary?

Through the use of Base64, binary data may be represented using the ASCII character set. When binary data has to be transported via a medium that is normally designed to handle text data, this is quite helpful. For instance, delivering pictures as mail attachments or XML files

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