Case Converter

An efficient online text editor that enables you to change the capitalization, font size, and even convert to mixed case, as well as modify your text, can transition between lowercase and uppercase writing. View your selections in more detail below.

Penalty Case
Users may enter any text into the sentence case converter, and it will transform it into a complete sentence structure.

The initial letter of each phrase is capitalized to achieve this. The remaining text has to be changed to lower case, and I'm needs to be changed to I's. After a full stop, every letter becomes an uppercase version of itself.

However, it won't capitalize names or places.

A sentence case is being used here.
Minor Case
The lower-case text converter may uncapitalize text if you're trying to figure out how to accomplish it. Every letter in your text is changed to lowercase. You should simply copy and paste the content you want to generate into the text box. Select the lower case tab next.

This is an example of lower case.
Camel case
Any text you have will be read by the upper case converter, which will change all lowercase characters to uppercase. Basically, it will cap every lowercase letter (as well as keep the uppercase letters in upper letters).

Pick the text that needs to be modified, paste it into the box above, and then select the UPPER CASE option to do this.

A classic example of an upper case is THIS.
Capital letters
The first letter of each word is changed to upper case using this capitalized-case converter, while the other letters remain lower case.

To produce information in this format, just copy it, paste it in the box above, and then click the Capitalized Case option.

This is an illustration of capitalization.

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