Find Facebook ID

What Justifies the Need for a Facebook ID?
We've said that the sole method for identifying you inside the Facebook system is via your FB ID. You must let the user know who you are talking to in your app if you intend for it to read or modify their Facebook information. If you choose a distinctive user name, Facebook won't identify the calls made by your app. You'll be prompted to enter your Facebook ID using the Facebook API.

How much does The Facebook ID Finder cost?
It is and will always stay completely free!

Are you able to store search results?
No. We don't retain them; we just use them to confirm your Facebook account.

How can I get the ID of my Facebook account?
The procedures listed below may be used to locate your Facebook profile ID.

Access your Facebook account.
Copy and paste the Facebook profile URL.
Your Profile ID will be given to you!
How to Find the ID of a Facebook Page?
Having their Facebook page ID is quite helpful for page administrators or social media managers. This is how you get it:

Visit the Facebook page for your business.
the URL for the Facebook page.
To paste it above, copy it.
Select "Get Identification" from the menu.
Your Page ID will be sent to you!
I need to locate the Facebook Group ID.
Most Facebook groups use a username. However, the Group Admins are unable to find the ID of their Group when they need to. How to locate the Facebook Group ID is provided here:

Access your Facebook group.
Copy this url and paste it into the Facebook group.
Delete it from the top
Select "Get Identification" from the menu.

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