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What size does an image file have?
Several pixels make form an image. Each pixel is colored and displayed as a combination of three colors (red, blue, green, and red). All of these pixels are normally stored in three bytes (24 ones or zeros). Consider a large picture with millions of pixels. Thousands of bits are needed to store all the data related to a picture on a computer or other device.

If a camera or smartphone claims to be able to shoot 10-megapixel photos, each image has 10 million pixels (a mega is a million). It takes 30 million bits, or thirty gigabytes, to save a picture with 10 million pixels, which is a lot of space!

You will need the capacity to transfer 30 gigabytes of data if you want to email this image (or numerous images) to a friend. The picture may take some time to upload, and it will take a while for the recipient to download it.

How can I reduce the size of an image?
The picture may also be compressed. By doing this, the file's size is decreased without having to change its size. As compression is increased, the quality of the images degrades and information is lost.

Resizing your picture is an additional choice that will cut down on the amount of pixels required to save the image. The picture's quality is unaffected by its size reduction, albeit it could lose a few minor details.

Nowadays, most cameras and smartphones have more than 6 million pixels. However, the majority of tablet, mobile, laptop, and TV displays only have 1.5 million pixels. As a result, you'll see scaled-down reproductions of the picture (you can only print the entire image when printing it).

Therefore, even while viewing the portrait in full-screen mode, you won't lose any quality or details if you resize your picture and cut the width and height in half. This is because the image will have about the same number of pixels as the displays that display it.

If you have a large picture, we advise shrinking it to 1800 by 1100 pixels with a JPG file size and 90% quality. This will produce a flexible picture of good quality that you can quickly share with anybody.



All units for picture resizing are supported!
Any size is supported by us (cm or mm and pixels)


a live preview of the pictures
Before downloading, check out the live display of the different adjustments you've made to your picture (such as rotation, cropping, or ratio fixing).


There are support for several picture formats.
The picture formats that we presently support are JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF. Future additions include more formats.


Every platform is supported.
With any internet browser, the tool works. As a result, it is accessible on PCs, Android tablets, iPhones, and even laptops.


We guarantee the security of your photographs!
We don't gather any information from you, and 30 minutes after posting, we'll delete your photograph.


transferring configurations
You are able to submit your settings on the download page. Your resized photographs are also shared if you or a friend download from that website.


An online tool called Resize Image allows users to apply compression and size reduction to any image on the internet and save the resulting images in several image formats including JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP.

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