Torque Converter

What is a torque converter?

Through the use of a mechanical chain, a torque converter transforms the engine's rotational force into power for the vehicle's driven wheels. A torque converter is essentially a friction device with hydraulic control. It increases engine torque and makes it possible to brake safely while also enabling gearless stopping of the vehicle.

Lock-up torque converters are the norm in contemporary automobiles. Older automobiles feature torque converters that are non-locking.

You don't have to worry about the torque converter locking up when you transfer gears since a lock-up torque converter includes an integrated locking clutch mechanism.

The torque converter will lock in a direct link between the input and output shafts once the gearbox detects a certain speed or engine RPM for improved efficiency.

We essentially accepted the energy loss that happened during the transfer of power from the engine to the transmission prior to the development of lock-up clutches. When the clutch is released, the impeller and turbine continue to revolve at different speeds until they reach equilibrium. energy loss as a result.

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