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What is the Webp format?
Although WebP is a new picture format with high compression and image quality, not all browsers or image viewers currently support it. This program is one of the simplest methods to convert a photograph using a WebP format into the more common JPG format.

WebP animations are also supported by this software. In this scenario, a sequence of JPG photographs will be created, and you may choose which images to keep or download the whole series as a ZIP package.

All you have to do is choose "Convert into JPG" when uploading your WebP picture. The produced JPG is then available for download and modification.

Benefits of WebP images
The compression of WebP is by far its strongest selling feature. WebP images are smaller than other image file formats after compression, but they don't lose quality.

Your website will load more quickly and take up less space if you utilize WebP pictures. If people arrive to your site quickly, you may have a better chance of keeping them there.

The WebP format offers the following three advantages:

1. Quicker loading periods
Advantages of the WebP format One benefit of WebP format is that it can compress pictures. The image's size as a consequence is less than in other formats while maintaining a comparable level of quality. This implies that WebP pictures can be loaded considerably more quickly.

2. Less Data Storage
Images may be compressed more easily and with reduced memory use thanks to WebP's improved compression technique. This is essential for websites with plenty of photos. It could potentially result in cost savings for hosting. Picture files' reduced sizes may help save bandwidth and resource utilization, which is important for the growing number of mobile devices.

3. Support for animations and translucent backgrounds
The only picture format that supports transparent PNG and GIF-based backgrounds is WebP.

No matter how many times they are transmitted and saved, PNG images keep their quality. Additionally, translucent backgrounds are shown. This implies that any design program may be used to alter photos. Videos and GIFs are comparable. However, they can only use 256 colors in their color scheme.

PNG and GIF files often use the most space on your device. Most crucially, Alpha Channel Mask (transparent backdrop) may be created in Webp as a PNG file. It can be shrunk down to a hundredth of the PNG equivalent's size, however. Additionally, Webp supports animated graphics in the GIF format. You may convert GIF to Webp using a few Chrome Extensions and converters. This produces a simple GIF.

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