What is the Internet?

Our whole existence is infused with the Internet. Most people have trouble imagining life without it. We often rely on technology for our livelihoods, daily errands, and enjoyment. It has essentially evolved into a utility. You are using the Internet to access this course.

But how does it function in practice? What occurs in the background? You’ve definitely come to the proper place to find out that! A vast worldwide network of computer networks makes up the Internet.

What is a Network?

What is a Network?

A network is formally defined as a collection or system of linked individuals or objects.

In accordance with this definition, a railway network is made up of train stations that are linked to one another via rail lines. An online social network is composed of people who follow one another on Twitter.

A computer network is made up of computers that are linked to one another through cable or wireless radio.

Computer networks are primarily used for resource sharing and computer-mediated communication. These two things are possible over many computer networks thanks to the “internet”.

A network of computer networks is basically what the Internet is.

As a result, your home or office computer network, which is itself linked to other computer networks, is formed by connecting your personal computer to other computers there. Thus, a vast network of linked computer networks makes up the worldwide Internet.

A Network of Networks is an Internet

A Network of Networks is an Internet

A network is created by the equipment at your house or place of business connecting to one another. Then, typically, ‘routers’ are used to link every home in a community. Routers relay communications between two ends.

Then, your country’s towns and cities are linked together to form a network of networks. Finally, all nations are interconnected. Simply said, the Internet is a network of networks.

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